Thank You For Booking A Session With Orange & Poppyseed!
We’re so excited to have you.

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.
— Annie Leibovitz

This page is to help you prepare for your upcoming session. We highly suggest you read everything in this thoroughly. We cover our rules, suggestions and common questions.

This is a very in-depth guide but to assure you get the best photos possible we cannot stress how important it is to read all of it.

Date & Time

Every session is held on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon unless otherwise specified. We recommend keeping the entire weekend of your session free in case we need to reschedule for weather. We shoot at golden hour which is the hour before the sun sets, occasionally a little bit earlier. This is the most flattering and beautiful light for portraits.

Because of this, it is crucial that you arrive on time. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your session begins to allow plenty of light. Also allow time for traffic and other distractions. If you are late we cannot guarantee a shoot for the full hour and we also cannot guarantee a full gallery. We cannot stress how important this is.


Normally by this point we’ve already decided on a location with you. However, if at any moment you wish to choose a different location, we have a few options - simply message us and let us know if you’d like to change.

We shoot at a variety of locations. You will have your choice of the beach, a forest, a park, botanical gardens or your home. We recommend outside sessions to get the best light and a wide variety of images for your gallery.

If you have an infant, however, we recommend a home session.

Special Note about Home Sessions:
Please be aware that due to lighting conditions and being inside, there may be some grain in your images. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and I personally think that it adds a nice touch to the moodiness and style of home sessions. It’s just something to be aware of.

If there is a special location you want to go, please let us know. We’re always open to new ideas!


Working with children can be tricky. Sometimes they don’t behave exactly how we’d like. I want you to know that I understand this. If a child begins to misbehave, don’t stress! We have lots of little breaks during the session to make sure they’re comfortable and can stay focused. Please don’t yell or discipline your child while we’re shooting, as this can often ruin the vibe of the session and make the child upset. Kids are kids. I have many games and tricks to keeping them engaged.

Also, please don’t tell your child to smile. I will be directing and guiding you the whole time and I promise we’ll get some beautiful images! There’s no need for you to direct your child during the session unless it relates to dangerous or inappropriate behaviour.

Suggestions For Little Ones

To prepare little ones for the session, we recommend explaining to them what’s going to happen a few days prior. The more you can get them used to the idea, and even excited, the better! We will be playing games and doing fun things during the session, so you can tell them that it’s going to be fun. For children 5 and under, it can be difficult to directly guide them. This is okay! We just need to go at their pace and make sure they’re happy and engaged.

I also suggest making sure that they have eaten, been to the bathroom and had plenty of water before the session to minimise distractions. If your little one is still taking naps, please make sure they have one prior to the session so that they’re fresh and ready.

During The Session:
If your little is tired, grumpy, hungry, thirsty or needs to use the bathroom, they’ll be distracted. It’s hard for kids to focus at the best of times so doing everything we can beforehand to prep them is best. When I say, ‘let’s have a break’ during our session, please do not give your children snacks or food in this time. I only have an hour with you and eating takes up a big chunk of that time and often makes a mess.

What’s Included in the Session?

See what’s included in each of our packages here, with more detailed descriptions below.

Mini Session.jpg
Mini Session (1).jpg
Mini Session (2).jpg
  • A full online gallery. This gallery is instantly downloadable and available to share online and with others immediately.

  • A pre-designed beautiful storybook photo album (Storybook Only) including the best highlights from your session.
    It usually takes around 4 weeks to be processed, then it’s personally delivered or mailed to you in our signature packaging.
    Any additional albums for friends or family feature the same design and cost $500.

  • Hair and Makeup (Storybook Only) for one person. You’ll have direct correspondence prior to your session with our studio stylist, Senija, who will help you with the look you want as well as style your hair and apply makeup on the day. If requested, Senija will also provide you with clothing style advice.

  • A beautiful presentation of your images shared via blog post on our website.

  • One hour session/30 minute session on location of your choice.

  • A fun and relaxed guided experience to make sure your images are perfect.

  • Customised Wall Art Design Consultation (Storybook Only) in your home (canvas, framed prints) upon request. I source all of my canvas, framed prints and other wall art from the most prestigious labs in the country. If you wish to purchase prints or wall art, this consultation will help me understand what you’re looking for. Wall Art & Prints are part of our A La Carte items, available for purchase after your session. Pricing for these items are available upon request.

    For model call families, you receive a full online gallery for free. Your album is available for purchase for $650.

We have payment plans available! Please ask us about it at prior to your session.

Can you tell me more about the photo album that comes with my storybook session?

This is the most incredible and enduring way to present your memories for a lifetime.

Our beautiful GoBook album is created by the wonderful Italian lab GraphiStudio. It’s an astonishingly luxurious heirloom piece that we believe is the essential accompaniment to your online gallery. It holds roughly 30-40 of your highlights from your session. It is so incredibly important to print your photographs, especially in a high quality product like our GoBooks. Our albums come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning it’s ready to be passed down for generations to come. We believe that our albums tell your story in a way that is simply unmatched to digital files.

If you’d like to see an example of our albums, please watch this video.

Also check out our ALBUMS page.

What Kind of Shots Can I Expect?

I am passionate about real moments of connection and interaction. Moments of laughter, love, and just being with each other is what our sessions are all about. Though we may get images of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, it’s not the shot we strive for. We prefer moments that touch your heart and feel more like memories to look back on of your family just being themselves and sharing the love.

If you have a special request for a shot in particular, please let me know at the start of your session so I can incorporate it.

When Will I Receive My Gallery?

After your session you can expect to receive your gallery through an online link within a week. You’ll be sent a viewing presentation first and then to a window where you can view each image and download the entire gallery. We recommend downloading this ASAP.


Your gallery is a fully developed artistic artwork. For this reason, families are not permitted to edit images with filters, photoshop, or any other kind of alteration. This is a breach of copyright. Please be aware of this.

Model Release

A model release is a document stating that you give permission for your images to be used in our portfolio, sample products, website and social media. You will be asked at your session if you would like to sign this. We encourage it as we love to share your images online and feature your family’s story on our website.

If you do not wish to sign it, that’s not a problem and we will respect your privacy.

Please note that model call families will need to sign this in return for their free session and images.


If we need to reschedule because of the weather I’ll let you know ASAP. We recommend blocking out your entire weekend to make sure we can reschedule appropriately if needed.


If you or anyone in your family is sick, please cancel as soon as you can. We always want to protect the health and safety of everyone involved including you, other people at our location and myself.

If you need to cancel for any other reason, it is free to do so up to 24 hours before the session.
If you cancel the day of the session for a reason other than an emergency/weather, there is a $100 cancellation fee.

What To Wear

Most importantly - something comfortable. We want you to wear something that reflects your personality and style whilst being comfortable enough to sit, lie down, stand and dance. Please no logos or brands to be visible as this could be copyright material.

Please do not match your outfits, but rather coordinate using colours. To see more about what we recommend, check out our easy 3-step style guide.

One important suggestion: if anyone is wearing a skirt or dress, it’s best to have shorts underneath. I will often ask families to sit, dance and play so it’s best to make sure everything is covered.

For beach sessions I also recommend no shoes as I may ask you to step into the water for a shot or two.


We do not use props in our sessions. The only times we do is if the weather is cool we may bring a blanket and sometimes we bring bubbles for the kids to play with. If you have a special memento or heirloom you’d like included in the session, please let us know before hand. Any other props please discuss with me prior to your session.

Blog Posts

At Orange & Poppyseed we write a blog post for every family that has signed a model release. This is the story you tell us in your questionnaire and anything else we learn about you during your session or in any of our contact beforehand. We like to tell your story alongside your images and really share the love! You’ll catch your blog post after your gallery has been delivered and we will usually tag you on Facebook when it has been published.

Please note - this will automatically happen for all model calls.

Reviews & Referrals

At Orange & Poppyseed we love to share the love we get from our families! We humbly request that every client leave us a review so that we can share that love with the world! If you loved your session experience, your images or anything else to do with the time you spend with us, please share it! We love hearing back from our families, and we love to let other families see that love, too.

Every single family that has a session with us is automatically included in our amazing referral program! This is something special that we do to appreciate the families that recommend us to others.

To Break This Down:

  • Refer others, get $100 credit for your next session

  • Refer 5 people, get a free session

  • Your friends and family also get $100 credit when they book if they mention your name

Social Media

We always have a post of the highlights from your session on our Facebook Page. This is posted immediately after you receive your download link so it’s ready to be shared straight away. We would love for this post to be your first choice in what to share, as we believe your highlights showcase the absolute best images from your session.

We lovingly request that when you share your galleries on your social media that you tag us in the posts. We’re currently active on Facebook and Instagram. This is not a strict rule, but we do hope you’ll choose to do so! It helps us to meet more beautiful families to be able to capture their love, too!

Further Questions

If you have any other questions, please check out our FAQ.
If that still does not answer your question, the fastest way to contact us is our Facebook Page.

Can I see an example of your sessions?

Of course! These are some of our favourites:

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Also check out our Blog for our most recent sessions.

You can expect to hear from me a week before your session, and again the day before. I will link you back to this page to refresh your memory so that you can be as prepared as possible.

I can’t wait to see you at our session and capture the love!

Jex ♥