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Local Business Spotlight: Greenstone Health Dojo

Karate training will make you strong and confident, but restraint will make you respected.
— Soke Behzad Ahmadi

In early November of this year I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Greenstone Health Dojo. There I met Carl and Nikole, the amazing team who run the dojo. Immediately they welcomed me and I understood something very important: these guys were really, REALLY passionate about what they do!





I watched as Carl instructed both the kids and adults classes and I was impressed by the unwavering respect of his students. The children were so focused and disciplined and you could see how much they admired their Sensei. They practiced hard and I could tell that they absolutely loved it. Everyone was friendly and kind to one another, and I could immediately feel the strength of their bond. I realised that this wasn’t just a class, these kids saw each other as family - and they wanted each other to succeed.


When the kids finished up, the adults took their place and began their class. The concentration was sharp and energy was high. I’ll be honest, I’ve never visited a dojo before and so I didn’t know quite what to expect. Imagine my surprise hearing the loud, strong “OSU!!!”. What power! What strength! It was really incredible to see how everyone was so in touch with their bodies and working through their class. The vibe was one of serious contemplation and listening to their Sensei. But underneath the loud, strong voices, I saw something else: Joy.


I saw how everyone smiled at one another, and I heard the laughter of a group who completely trusted one another. The vibe there was something I’ve never felt before. Such a strong community united by this passion for Karate. It was amazing.


At Greenstone, Carl and Nikole teach Budo. This is the Martial Path, or Way. This is the overarching ideology of Greenstone, an ideology that teaches self improvement and being kind and compassionate to others. Carl and Nikole understand that the kids who come to the dojo are unique and they really spend time with each one to make sure they’re progressing and developing well. You can really feel the pride they have when their students succeed.

Carl strives to empower and educate his students, and the teachings he passes on go far beyond just exercise.

One thing is for sure - Greenstone Health Dojo is an amazing place. Exercise, community, fun and friendship. From the moment you walk in they’ll treat you like family.

Greenstone Health Dojo holds classes Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. They also have a Free Trial to see if you like it there. And trust me - you definitely will.

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