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The Gulliver Family | Family Session

Meet Mama Maria, Dad Matt, daughter Savannah and son Fynn.

When I met this family on the shore of the beach the wind was gusting and it was cool. The weather is starting to change around this time of year, and the beach can be a blustery place. But this family took it all in stride and gave me the best positive vibes!

Mama Maria is, I think to date, the most emotive person I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph. Quick to laugh and share her joy with the world it was clear to see the pride she had in her family.

Matt, Savannah and Fynn all followed her lead - and absolutely rose to the task. I was told that Matt was not a smiler and was a tough nut to crack. But that’s not true at all! He was a big softie and was full of smiles.

Savannah and Fynn are a bit older than the kids I normally photograph and it was so refreshing. I knew that my standard bag of tricks wasn’t going to cut it so instead I chose to ask them to talk about their feelings.

Spoiler: there were tears.

“Part photoshoot, part therapy” I joked with them. And it was really beautiful. We talked about the things that made them laugh, the things they were proud of, and their favourite things about each other. It was a straight up love fest and I couldn’t get enough of it.

This family is a bright light in the world. I am grateful I got to experience their shine.

Enjoy the full session below: