The Kocian Family | Family Session

When I met up with Mama Jen, Papa Martin and brothers Maxen and Jensen I knew right out of the gate that this session was going to be packed with high energy fun.

Pizzey Park is such a beautiful location. The lake, the pine trees, the wildlife are all such wonderful compliments to each other. As we stepped into the trees as the light was filtering through them, the scent of pine wafted up to us. Jen remarked to me that she adores it, and I couldn’t help but agree - it’s like nothing else.

The two boys were already excited to go and so I immediately had to match the energy they brought with them! I find that as a photographer you can do your best to set the stage for beautiful moments to happen. But really you just can’t beat the things that kids decide to do themselves. I just have to be there in time to catch it!

Enjoy the full session below: