Why The Little Moments Matter

So many of us are glued to screens.

This is not a unique statement, and it’s also obvious. But lately I’ve been wondering about the things that we miss when we’re looking at them.


The other day I saw a child of maybe 4 or 5 following his mother in a shopping centre, carrying a tablet, not even looking where he was going. I almost ran into him, and when I glanced up at his mother to apologise, she’d missed the entire event because her eyes were glued to her phone and she wasn’t looking where she was going, either.


I’m not telling this story to shame anyone. This could be any of us - and at some point it has been all of us. Technology has revolutionised the way we interact with the world and for the most part it’s for the better.


But sometimes there are moments that happen while we’re watching a screen and when we look up it’s passed. We’ve missed it. These little moments are fleeting and tend not to linger - some pass in the blink of an eye.


The dimples that appear in a child’s cheek when she giggles, her laughter falling around like sunshine through a canopy of leaves. A mother holding her baby close and breathing in the smell of sleep and softness. A sister throwing an arm around her brother’s shoulders and holding him close as they walk.


These little moments are pieces of connection that we miss. In a world so connected we’re missing these moments more and more. We’re not appreciating them for what they are.


My photography gives these moments time to breathe. To be seen. To be cherished. But more than that, these little moments are captured in time - those little pieces of connection - are captured forever. The beauty of photography is that when these moments pass, we can still hold on to them and remember.


Happiness is not an ongoing state of joy that happens when your income reaches a certain level, or even getting married and having kids. It’s in tiny bite size morsels, to be savoured when they appear, remembered when they’re gone, and to be looked forward to beforehand.


Images in this blog post were from The Hill Family’s Session.