The Hill Family | Family Session

The sand beneath my feet as I stepped out onto the beach was cool. The sky above me was tempestuous - it didn’t want to make up its mind whether it wanted to rain or shine. The wind had picked up.

But as soon as the Hill Family arrived, they brought the light with them. This stunning family have all had experience in front of a camera before, and it shows. But it was my mission to capture the little moments, the fun moments that showed this family’s deep connection and love for each other.

This session was slightly more posed, but that’s because these kids are effortless in front of the camera. So I had to employ a few tricks to bring out those unique moments - like playing games and capturing the moments that unfolded naturally. I think this session was definitely a wonderful blend of a more traditional style and my personal love for capturing the in-between moments, and the ones that just happen.

Meet Mama Amber, Archie, Andi and Axel (did someone say A-Team? how awesome are those names?!) and check out their absolutely incredible session below: