Local Business Spotlight | ENIJAE

ENIJAE is a pop production duo with their studio based in the Gold Coast.

Their work spans the globe from producing EPs with local artists like Cooperr. and Isabel Wood, and working in collaboration with other international acts like Anthem Rose and ANKY.

Jake Barker (left) and Senija Hadzich (right) are the two talented musicians behind Static Music Production.

Jake Barker (left) and Senija Hadzich (right) are the two talented musicians behind Static Music Production.


ENIJAE is made up of two incredible firecrackers of talent. Jake Barker and Senija Hadzich met when they were both studying at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music at Griffith University. Immediately bonding over their mutual love of Eurovision, they decided to collaborate. A partnership of raw talent was formed.


ENIJAE go against the grain of the current music climate in Australia. Thinking bigger, fuller upbeat bangers over indie chill vibes that Australia is known for, they bring something new and fresh to the scene. Drawing inspiration from KPOP acts like BTS, Monsta X and BlackPink to produce tracks that you can really get down to.

Rejecting the idea that live instruments are necessary and blossoming into a sound you can really feel in your blood, ENIJAE know that Australia’s borders can’t hold them in. Their target: world domination, and to restore upbeat, bangin’ pop to Australia’s shores and beyond.


“Western music today has turned to a more low-key, chill vibe. Sociologically it’s understandable. Our generation is the most depressed and anxious. We’re living in times where bad news is just a click away, and the music in the western charts represent that. With that in mind, to hear so many depressing songs on the radio and in our playlists is common and expected.”

“To some extent, it’s become a trend to act like you don’t care and to put minimal effort into everything. It’s because we’re suffering. But music doesn’t have to be like that.”

“If you look at the music outside of the western scene right now it’s almost like looking into the past - but with the most incredible production using the technology of the day. KPOP, especially, is infiltrating our charts. With acts like BTS who have spoken up about mental health and the importance of loving yourself and staying positive, and their fellow up and coming band TXT who broke records with their debut, it’s obvious that the west craves a return to the upbeat, positive and fun sound of the 90s and 00s. Our music is a direct response to that need.”

“Our mutual love for Max Martin also brought us together. Max knows how to make a hit, and is still creating the biggest hits in pop music today. He is all about high production value and going hard. When you see the artists he’s worked with over the years - Britney Spears, NSYNC, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift, it’s not hard to see that he’s defined multiple generations with his music.”

“Society often likes to drag pop music. We live in a culture where everyone thinks that being negative about pop music makes them cooler. But the way we see it, pop music is something that we can all have a good time to. It’s catchy, it makes you feel good. We don’t see a point in actively denying something that brings us positivity and joy. If anything, we need more of that now more than ever.”

“We’re here to reintroduce the west to something that’s desperately lacking in western pop today: fun and positivity.”

I’m excited to see where ENIJAE take their sound in the future and welcome their message that pop music doesn’t have to be apathetic - but instead full of passion, power and being extra.

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And their latest musical release with artist Cooperr.
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