Too Many Mothers are Missing From Their Photographs

You hear that voice inside of you again. The one telling you how you’re not in any of those photos you take of your kids or your partner. You scroll through your Instagram feed and use the hashtags #mumlife and #ilovemykids. These photos mean everything to you - they show your family doing the things they love, being together, having fun.

But there’s one crucial piece missing. You.


Can you relate to this?

I have noticed that women in particular love the keeping a visual record of the lives they lead through the snapshots they take with their phones. There are some really beautiful ones of your children that you often come back to. Maybe you make little videos of your kids, or snap a cheeky picture of your spouse who’s fallen asleep with the little ones.

While these memories bring you great joy, you often wish that your partner would take more photos of you and the kids. But you never like how you look in them! Or your partner is oblivious and misses some really beautiful moments and you don’t want to ruin it by asking for a photo.

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You’ve thought about professional photos before, but you want to lose weight first. Or wait until your hair is done really nice. Or there’s something else weighing on your mind about your appearance and you’re nervous to be in front of the camera even though you want to be.

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That’s where we come in. By booking a session not only are you giving your children tangible priceless memories to look back on their own histories, you’re giving them something even more beautiful: the memory of you. One day there will be a time when they are no longer little and you’re no longer there. They don’t care about how much you weigh, or what your hair is doing. They will be happy to see that you were there with them, fiercely loving them.


Don’t hold yourself back. Give them the gift of you. Give them tangible memories of their childhood. Give them the memory of your fierce mama bear love.