Storyteller Sessions - A Passion Project of Love

There is an emerging trend in photography these days to photograph families at home doing normal every day things. This is a step back from the traditionally posed photos and encourages a more candid ‘day in the life’ style. For 2019, my goal is to focus my energy on doing more sessions like this.


There are so many reasons why I love this style of photography. I love the way that it depicts people in their own homes, doing things that they love together as a family. Things like baking together, reading a story and dancing to music. It just makes my heart sing with joy.

x31 2web.jpg

These are real moments that you’re experiencing with the ones you love the most. Through photography, these memories become tangible. To put up a print of you baking in the actual kitchen we did the shoot in is incredible. To flip through an album that sits on your coffee table showing you and your family playing a board game at that very table helps solidify these happy moments in our lives.


Happiness is fleeting. By setting aside time to capture these small, everyday moments, we remind ourselves that even though they are small, they’re the ones that matter the most. At home with our families, our children, our pets - that’s the one place where we will always belong, and always be loved. It’s the happiest place in the world.