Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.
— Andy Warhol

1: It’s Not Just the Equipment


On many shoots I have often heard the phrase, ‘wow, your camera takes such good photos.’ While this is a well meaning compliment, photography in reality is so much more than the equipment we use. Photography is an art form in itself, and it takes years of hard study to understand all the ins and outs. Exposure, aperture, white balance, composition, lighting, post processing and being good with people are some of the fundamentals that photographers excel at. Every photographer is an artist who sees beauty in the mundane, and the best photographers encourage genuine emotion from their subjects.


2: Quality

There’s no denying it - photographers are expensive. But have you ever really thought about why? There are a few reasons. As with any expert in any field photographers spend years of time mastering the skills necessary for photography. Whilst including time for travel, as well as equipment (usually thousands of dollars for cameras, lenses, lighting, makeup, wardrobe, props, a car, insurance, a website, marketing and advertising, and all the other facets of a well oiled business) to ensure the flawlessness of your final images and products. Here’s the truth - the quality is incomparable. Never will just regular snapshots on your phone hold the same quality that a professional photographer can produce.


3: You’re in the Photographs

Too many of us have a nasty tendency to only take photos of others, and never any with ourselves in them. I know mums especially can relate to this. Always taking photos of your children, or your partner, or even your pets. Have you ever looked through your photos and realised you’re missing from them? All these happy memories that you have that you love to look back on, always tinged by a small bit of sadness when you can’t see yourself there, too? Hiring a photographer ensures that you are part of these happy memories, forever. We mean it when we say our images become family heirlooms, treasures to be passed on to the next generation. But it’s also so important to be able to see yourself with your family. Photographs become our history, and to not allow yourself to be included in your family’s history is a disservice to them and to you.