The Importance of Staying Humble

As my business grows and the amount of people I meet and get to know through photography expands I find myself being content with hard work and small victories. Sometimes it can feel like my brain doesn’t want to switch off. I love everything about my work, I love meeting new people and I love capturing beautiful memories. I love seeing the joy on my clients faces when I deliver their orders. I love that over the time I spend with them we become friends.


As I grow I understand that all of my successes and failures are entirely my responsibility. Especially so being a small business owner with no other full time staff to help me out when things get hectic. This last year has truly been a learning curve and a growth experience like no other. I’ve discovered that comparison can be a motivation killer, but little successes can be an unexpected boost. To some extent I think we all believe that we’re not doing enough or that we could be working harder.


When you have no one else to blame for your success or failure, things start to get real. It’s a vivid wake up call to be better and to take responsibility for your actions. Though my business is growing, slowly but surely, I often have to remind myself that hard work got me here and hard work is the one thing that will sustain me. To see others succeeding can often bring me down with self doubt and anxiety. But then something else will happen that reminds me that it’s worth it - like seeing my work in a newspaper, or receiving a photo of my client’s walls where they’ve hung their portraits. Growth takes time and persistence.


I’ve never been more passionate about anything in my life. I want to express the deep gratitude towards the friends I’ve made this year, the contacts that I’ve met and grown with, my family and my fiancé. This is just the beginning. I can’t wait for the new year. Here’s to growth, persistence, gratitude and staying humble.