The Dwyer Family | Family Session

Can I tell you the most amazing story about this family? Strap in, it’s a good one!

Let’s talk about this family first. Meet Mama Callie, Daddy Joel and little Helena. Callie & Joel’s parents joined in on this session too which was amazing! Helena had just woken up from a nap when the family arrived at our location. This time around Callie and I decided to shoot at one of my favourite places on the Gold Coast - Pizzey Park! This place is a popular spot for photo sessions but lucky us had the trees to ourselves (aside from a couple of stray doggos, of course.)

In their questionnaire, the Dwyers told me that they loved eating bakery food and having picnics! Loved this idea, so during the session we also had a mini picnic which was amazing!

Everyone did so well. Helena especially with her beautiful blue eyes!

But then, something crazy happened. We wrapped up and I went back to my car after and found my camera bag was GONE. I was freaking out, as it had my car keys inside! I thought that I must have left it in the trees, so I trekked back and retraced our steps. NOPE. Now I was really worried. Where had it gone? How was I going to get home? Callie & Co had already left and as the sun went down Pizzey Park turned in to a much scarier place! I took a seat and waited for friends to come and pick me up, on hand to call RACQ as soon as they arrived - when suddenly…

I get a text. It’s from Callie!

”I think I have your backpack.” She said, texting me a picture of my camera bag. I almost cried with relief! I thought I had lost my car keys, my equipment, and everything else I keep in there (a few business cards, a polaroid of my fiancee and I).

Callie made the heroic effort to drive all the way back to Pizzey to drop it off, explaining that in the pack up of the session they had taken my backpack with them by mistake.

Anyway, as crazy as that wild ride was, I think it was TOTALLY worth it. Check our the full session of the Dwyers below. I think they rocked their session, and I had an absolute blast. Thank you for the adventure, guys!